Antenna attempt success and Trunk Lid Cover pt 2

Today the new antenna grommet came in! looks different than the other one only due to the slope of the plastic. If only I knew that there was a difference before, I would not have to wait so long. Well its only October, and I have replaced one small part on the car. I guess this will be a long process!

You can see that this one fits just perfectly into the spot. The rest is easy, First you attach the large rubber thing to the actual antenna and screw it back to the car body.

Then reattach the hydraulic reservoir and close the insulation. It is attached with a pin like this:

Once the hydraulic reservoir is in and the insulation is attached back to the side we can close the trunk and attach the actual new grommet by pushing down until it clicks in the round portion of the antenna/receiver. Screw in the actual antenna into where the grommet is and you are ready to go. This is what it looks like now:

The trunk lid cover has come it by this point as well so while I was in the trunk I put in the left cover. The cover just snaps in and that’s it. I had to adjust the rubber piece next to it so that it meshed with the cover, but it was a simple job overall.

This is the one that I put in last time. As you can see its also new.

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