Replacing the Exhaust Hangers

Since last time I was able to get the car up, this time I want to actually do something while under it. the easiest thing I could think of was to replace the exhaust hangers. I had already bought replacements a while ago so all I needed to do was take the old ones off and put on the new ones.

As I thought the difference in the height of the exhaust was due to the round rubber exhaust hangers:

When I got under the car and looked at the rubber exhaust hangers I found that they were pretty stretched out. One was even ripped on the corners where the middle piece is attached:

After I lifted the car I used the jack to get the exhaust a little higher and remove the tension on the hangers. You can see in the above picture that I took the top section off first.

After getting the top section off I could lower the exhaust on the jack and twist the hanger and slide it off of the bottom piece. Installing the new ones was exactly the same process just backwards. Here is what the old ones looked like:

After getting both of them on, I looked at the exhaust to see if the tips were on the same level now, but they were not. So I started wondering why, and started checking the other attachment points. As I was checking them I saw that one of the other exhaust hangers (the one closest to the tips on the inside) was ripped. Now that would explain why that side is hanging lower. See here:

The rest seemed ok but I didn’t want to risk it so I ordered 4 so I could replace them all next weekend. Now we wait for them to come in. Says should be here by Friday!

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