Flat and The Sagging Glovebox

Today I woke up and decided to do something with the BMW. A lot has happened recently so I haven’t had a chance to work on the car. Here are the things that happened:

1. Got a new car instead of the truck (post coming at some point)

2. Got a new job

3. Went to SF (for work)

4. Waiting for my son to be born any day now

Anyways, besides the busy schedule, finally decided to do something with the car. Cause I feel bad.

Let’s start with the tires. Something really strange is going on. I had a flat and went to a shop to see if it was a nail or something. They found nothing wrong. The tire wasn’t loosing air and no bubbles were coming out of the tire…. Strange. Even though it was completely flat the day before (I pumped it up right before going).

So I came back and left the car for a couple of days. In a couple of days (while I was in SF) the tire went down again…. Odd. Maybe it’s the side of the tire that the weight is on… So I filled it up and moved it forward by a little.

A couple of days later I went to see and the tire is still holding…. I guess it’s either the side that it’s on makes it leek or that was a coincidence. Hopefully I can keep it from leaking this way for now. I’m guessing that it’s something that has to do with the nipple as it leaks when the tire is nipple side down. Not sure what that could be. Gonna have to get new tires at some point anyways. They are very unevenly worn on the inside.

Now let’s get to the sagging. A couple of months ago (maybe more) I bought the reinforcement piece for the glovebox in hopes that would be an easy fix. Just didn’t have time to fix it. I saw on the internet a great video on how to do this. It’s pretty complicated and requires me to remove the whole glovebox:

After reading Bimmerforums I decided to see if I can do it without taking it out and breaking tabs and such.

I started by following the same instructions to unscrew the glovebox. The idea in the video comments about how to get around the trim covers is genius. Makes this 100 times easier.

You can even see the uneven top of the glovebox here. (Why would you put such a thin piece to support the weight?) Anyways, after propping the glovebox on the right I examined the inside. Most of the tab that the glovebox attaches to is broken (sad face), but I was able to find a couple of spots where I could attach the clips. After installing the reinforcement while the glovebox is in this state above, I was able to start putting it all back. Thankfully with the new reinforcement the glovebox stays rigid, even when the inside screws aren’t even in yet.

Here is another problem. Do you see it? The hole on the left of the glove box is much larger than the other one. It doesn’t even do anything when you put the screw back in. Not sure how to fix that. I guess I’ll leave it for now.

After putting all the functional screws back in and tightening it all up here is the final result! Looks pretty good! No sag and a much quicker fix that the video! Is it perfect? Nope. One thing I noticed is that now it’s much harder to pull the handle. You kind of have to push the lid up and pull the handle. But that is for another day. For now marvel in the non-sagging glovebox!

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