I am originally Russian, but have traveled my whole life. I have now lived in Houston for almost 20 years and work for an Oil and Gas company. I love cars, tech and beer as you can tell by this website. This will be most of my posts but I also love to travel so I will write some things about my adventures as well.

This blog was started by me right after the 2014 LA Auto Show, and with the inspiration from Alexandra Zambrano. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy the posts!

The second reincarnation of this blog came about a year after I purchased a 1999 BMW M Roadster. A lot has happened in-between. I got married, my wonderful wife and I moved to a house, we had a daughter and are also expecting a second (boy) in November.

A couple of things have not changed though. My love for cars, travel and beer. So lets see how long this version of the blog lasts!

Feel free to contact me at pavchag@gmail.com if you have any questions of if you want a review of some specific car, ill try to find one.


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