Bemer Motor Cars and parts

Today I decided to take the BMW to a local shop specializing in BMWs to get it checked out and to see what else needs to be fixed/worked on in the car. I want to know the whole picture of what’s going on. I searched around and found this awesome place called BEMER motor cars. 10 minutes away from my house. Its a place that has been around for a long time, they specialize in BMW of all things!

They have an Isetta, a 1980s BMW 6 series (several actually), and a bunch of other old neat BMWs there! Anyways, after they did a full inspection here is what they found:

  1. Oil pan gasket needs replacing (oil is leaking very very slowly)
  2. They don’t know when the fluids were last changed so recommended to change them all
  3. The rest is in great condition and looks like it was well maintained (hell yes!)

I found a new really neat website for BMW parts though. And I decided to buy a couple of things there as they were cheaper. After the Bemer diagnosis I needed some things to get those fixed myself not at the dealer.

  1. Engine oil pan gasket –
  2. Hex bolts for oil pan –
  3. Oil Drain Plug –
  4. Sway bar bushing bracket –

I think now I’m done (fingers crossed).

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