Ordering parts

I am super excited and waiting for the BMW to get here. I have scoured all of the internet for parts for various updates/fixes I want to do. If you noticed in the pictures in the last post there are a couple of things that the BMW needs to get fixed:

  • Front Passenger headlight looks droopy, most likely needs a new headlight and the bumper is not aligned.
  • The headlight knob is missing
  • The driver side seatbelt guide is broken
  • One of the exhausts is hanging lower than the other
  • Center console cover (for the shifter) is cracked above the buttons
  • I’m sure there is more once I get the car in….

Having said all that, the car is in great condition. I mean the car is 22 years old! Well so I started looking for parts to buy and I found a couple of awesome websites that sell genuine or OE/OEM BMW parts (not cheap).

Here is the list of the places:

  1. FCPEuro – https://www.fcpeuro.com/
  2. PelicanParts – https://www.pelicanparts.com/
  3. AutohausAZ – https://www.autohausaz.com/ (I found this one first, but realized the other 2 are sometimes cheaper!)

All of these look pretty awesome and are great places to buy genuine parts for BMW as well as a bunch of other makes!

For my first order I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money and get involved in a really long project with the car but I decided that I was going to buy some things to say I have done something to make the car better once its here. So here is what I ordered:

  1. Genuine Trans Shift Cover – https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/BM-51162491400
  2. Seat Belt Guide – https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/BM-52108410505
  3. Tonneau Cover – https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/BM-54318412055
  4. Headlight Switch Knob Cover – https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/BM-61318400003

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