And it flies!

Today is the day! After so many events of the last 2 months including our wedding, our “Honeymoon” in London and the trip to Argentina, when there was 0 time to work on the car, I have finally managed to carve out an hour and do what I’ve wanted to do for almost a year. Lift the car. I’ll be honest, this was a very nerveracking moment!

Is the lift going to hold? Is it going to lift evenly? Did I let all the air out? What about the car lift points, are they properly mounted and blocks placed?

So many questions going through my head as I place everything as it’s supposed to go getting ready for the lift….

Woohoo! Hell yeah! I know it sounds dumb but the feeling is awesome! The car is flying! It lifts steadily and without a hitch. Now we are in business!

Enough excitement for the first time… I didn’t even get it past the first latch point, but it still stayed up! Next time I will get it past the latch point and get under it. See y’all next weekend!

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