Leather Honey

About a week ago I was thinking about the condition of the leather in the BMW, which made me think about what the previous owner did to keep the seats in such great shape. I started doing some research about leather and the care instructions and ended up on Amazon looking at this set of Leather Honey cleaner and conditioner:

Out of all of the leather conditioners I saw, this one was the most popular and with the best reviews. I also read that people use it on their cars on some BMW and other forums. So I decided to get myself this kit and try it out. Well last week it came in and now I had the chance to use it. It is not surprising but the consistency of the conditioner is actually like honey, hence the name I guess. The kit came with cleaner concentrate, conditioner and some microfiber towels.

First I vacuumed the seats and the dash. Then I created the cleaner from the concentrate and water in a spray bottle. Spraying the cleaner on the seats I used a clean microfiber towel to wipe it off and get all the dirt out. After letting it dry for a couple minutes after cleaning, I applied a generous amount of the conditioner with another clean microfiber towel. Leaving the seats to soak in the conditioner for at least 2 hours, that was the end of my day.

As you can tell from the pictures below (even though the lighting is different) the results are awesome. The seats looked fantastic (like it was a new car) after I was done. I bet this is the best looking BMW M Roadster interior you have seen! Before and after pictures:

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