Installing the Lift Pads

I ordered the pads in February and as expected they arrived closer to the end Feb. I thought (naively) that I was going to get them in, pop them in and be ready to go! That didn’t happen, I will explain below. The parts that I ordered were these:

Little did I know but I ordered the wrong ones, again. After some research on fcpeuro and bimmerforums, I found the correct part number which was: PN 51718407559 instead of these that I bought before. Just a little side note here is I found another website that sells parts an is sometimes cheaper and faster to get them! Its called ECS Tuning. Here is the link if you need some parts:

Again I had to return the ones on top and get the ones as you see here:

After finally getting these other ones here I made sure that they actually fit! Hooray they do. Now I can actually get them installed! In order to install these you have to use some screws, which I got from Home Depot. I don’t remember but I think it was either a 8 or 10 screw about an inch long. They expand the white anchors and attach the pad to the body as you can see below:

Now all the 4 pads are installed we can lift it up! But wait, again. I don’t have the time, so I guess it’ll have to be next time.

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