Lifting the car (or trying to)

Today I got a chance to go an try and lift the car on the new lift that I got assembled and tested last time. There were some lessons learned here for sure. With the lift under the car, I can see that there is ample space for just one of the rubber blocks. That’s great! Having only one should make it much sturdier.

Now I found a problem. When you look at the bottom of the car where the blocks are supposed to go, there is a space there for attaching something. Looks like maybe a jack.

Anyways long story short I went online and found that I need lifting blocks. Basically there are these plastic blocks that actually screw into the car to create a flat surface for whatever you are using to lift the car to sit on. Here is what they look like:

Well without them I cant do anything so I will just have to wait. Here is where I got them by the way:

In addition to the pads, I ordered a set of turn signals as they were starting to blink super fast (standard indication in older european cars that they are going to go out).

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