Assembling and Testing the lift

Today I finally put the lift together and attached all of the hoses. This was a pretty long process but the manual to the lift was wonderful as it spelled out every step with pictures. First I had to get the car out of the garage and set up the lift in the center to start attaching all the hoses and the control unit.

After the assembly itself, there are some extra steps to make sure that the lift is properly operational. Because it is hydraulic, after everything is attached, the system needs to be bled of air so that it is smooth. I feel like I bled it 1000 times, but in this case the more the better. Testing it without the car seemed to give promising results as both went up at the same time and relatively evenly.

Once all of the hoses were attached and ready to go I placed them on the sides, brought the car in and slid the lift under the sides of the car:

Looks pretty good. But I didn’t have a chance to lift the car or to even test out the rubber blocks. Next time.

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