Sunday Fun Day and a Name

Today I decided that I was going to take a break from working on the car or thinking how to fix it and instead to enjoy it. Waiting for my friends to arrive, I took the car out to the driveway just to see it running at to take some pictures. Well… and to take the top down and enjoy. Here is the first outing of Azure:

Why Azure you might ask? Well, my wife has a 2014 Harley Davidson Softail that we got in Dallas a couple years ago, and she named it Pearl. Its white… well not just white, but this pearl? (yea… I don’t know) some kind of beautiful color. So to go with the theme of naming the toys by some thing of the same or similar color, I was thinking of blue. I came up with Azure. Its a hue of blue, its a cloud platform (this is Cars, Tech and Beer), and its also one of my favorite teams in soccer (Italy’s Azzurri). So there it is: Welcome Azure!

In the afternoon Phil and Emily (his girlfriend) came over for an hour or so on their way home, and we finally took the car out for a quick drive around the block.

What an amazing car to drive, especially in this nice weather with the top down! And the sound that inline 6 makes is incredible. People talk about the more powerful S54 engine but this S52 does just fine for itself. It seems like its torquier which is even better, since on the road that’s what matters over horsepower. Take a look at Phil and Emily coming back from a short drive:

After they left it was my wife’s turn in the BMW. Here are some pictures of her and the car. I think she is enjoying it just as much as I am!

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