Bumper Alignment, Temp Plates and Trunk Lid Cover

Another thing I noticed when doing the walkaround a couple days ago is that the bumper is not flush with the hood on the right side of the car (which again makes me thing it was a fender bender on this corner). If you see the image below, it is easy to tell there is a little overbite in the hood which creates a roof effect on the front bumper. Not a big deal but my OCD is killing me so I am going to try and fix it. As you can tell the headlight is not fixed, the bottom bracket will not glue and so the bottom of the light comes out in front of the bumper (ugh).

Ok, so I open up the hood to see why that overbite is happening, but it all looks pretty good. It is really difficult to tell why this is happening. Take a look at the two pictures of the two sides and try to tell me why and what is the difference.

I can’t tell either. The only thing is that the one on the left is closer to the wheel wells. But why? After some digging and figuring out where the bend is, I think that it is actually at the front of the bumper where it is attached to the actual aluminum bumper mounts. It seems that they are just so slightly bent to cause this misalignment (another clue to the fender bender?). In addition the bend, the bumper bracket is actually not in the groove, which also adds some twist to the bumper. after some prying, and trying to get the bumper in the groove I manage to do it but not without a loss. There is a small crease that has shown up in the bumper paint (I think I put a little too much force when trying to get the bumper in place). Well…. I guess I will have to live with that now.

The overbite looks much better after putting the bumper in the groove. Not completely gone but much better. I will not be able to get the aluminum bracket at the front bent back without taking the entire front of the car off, so that’s a job for another time.

About a week ago I ordered a trunk lid cover from Turner Motorsport (another nice website I found for BMW parts), and it just came in. Sorry to say I have a problem with left and right. The one that came in was the one that the car already had not the one I needed.

After thinking about it I decided to replace both of them as they are old. So I installed the one that arrived and ordered the proper one (the left one). Problem is the lead times for parts for the BMW. The order is said to arrive September 22nd. Well I guess I will wait.

Oh yea, and today the plates (paper ones) for the car were given to me by the seller so now I can officially drive around! I will have to go out tomorrow and take it out. A friend of mine (the one who used to have the grey M Roadster is coming by so should be fun)

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