Headlight Research

As I mentioned yesterday, today I need to figure out what to do about the headlight. In my free time, I have been doing some research about the headlight and what to do. The brackets on the headlight when it came with the car were already glued before (residue left on them), so I decided to see how much a new headlight would be. Lets see, AutoHaus AZ nothing. Pelican Parts nothing. FCPEuro? What do we have here:

$1400 are you kidding me? For one headlight? That’s ridiculous. I’m not spending 3k on a pair of headlights, I’m gonna fix it myself somehow. Lets see what Ebay has to offer.

That is much better. Lets see if we can do that! Ordered. We will see what we can do with it once it comes in. Maybe just replace it or take it apart somehow and get the mounting part only. Well see.

In the meantime, I decided to try and glue them again but better and see if they would hold, at least until the headlight came in and I could try something else.

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