First Inspection at home, the Headlight and Headlight knob

As you can tell by my excitement with the car, the first thing I did when I got home, was to inspect the car. Here is what I found and some videos of the damage/broken things that I had already noticed on the listing:

This headlight for example, didn’t look right on the listing, and when it came in I can see that the headlight is loose. Gonna have to open that up and remove it to see what is going on. For now though, lets finish the walkaround:

Top up and top down:

Then here are the rest of the photos from the first day and from the walkaround. So far the car is not disappointing, some minor fixes needed but overall great shape for the paint, the interior, the plastic, and the leather…. the leather is in pristine condition. I will have to take care of this well! I don’t want to be the one to destroy the beautiful inside.

Here is a photo of something that was not in the listing, looks like the plastic grille (bottom part of the bumper) is broken. This is most likely due to some rocks from the road, this car is pretty low so anything can get into this space at speed:

So now back to the headlight. It seems like the brackets are broken and the light is moving around in the place. Not knowing how to take it on or off, I opened the hood to see inside and figure it out. Turns out its really simple and the headlight is attached with just several screws:

Taking off the headlight is just holding the nut and taking off the screw on these 3 (or is it 4?) brackets. Once I opened the hood though I didn’t really need to unscrew anything just yet. the brackets for the light were busted. Strange, the car is said to be 1 owner, no accident, clean title…. Maybe it was a fender bender and got the light? but then why is the lens not broken but just the brackets? I really cant explain what that is. Maybe just age. Anyways, here is what it looks like:

As you can see, the headlight brackets are…. not attached to the headlight anymore. That would explain why the headlight is not rigidly mounted and isn’t in place. So how do I fix this? There are several options I’m thinking here:

  1. New Headlight
  2. Used headlight off of ebay
  3. Glue the brackets back on and hope it holds

Here is an image of the headlight serial number (or some kind of number) to look up this evening

Lastly, I actually did some work on the car! yay. There was a missing piece for the headlight knob (the cover) and that part has already come in so I decided to put it in.

Its something really small, and insignificant, but its the first thing that I fixed on the car. It was a very simple fix. I took the cover and snapped it onto the headlight switch, that’s it, super simple.

That’s enough for the day. To be continued tomorrow.

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