It has arrived!

Yes it is the day! I got a call from the truck driver yesterday and he told me that they are going to be in Houston around 10am today! I can not wait, to get a hold of the car and look at it in person. So as any excited new car owner I went a little early and waited for the truck to show up!

At 10:20 the truck arrived and a couple got out to unload the car for me:

We got to talking with them and turns out, as I could tell by the accent, they are Ukrainian. They travel around the country delivering cars, and told me about all kinds of crazy, expensive and rare cars that they have delivered! Just take a look at this one hiding in the back:

But without further ado, I think you can tell by the pictures below that I was super happy with what I saw. Take a look at the unloading, the walkaround and the first moments in the car. I feel like it was cooler outside, maybe I just didn’t care…..

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