Impulse Buy

Life has a way of consuming you sometimes and you become so busy that you forget about hobbies. Not that I really forgot, but just didn’t really have time for anything. As I am writing this, its been more than 6 years since I posted here. Too long. I really miss the quiet times when I sat at my computer and wrote about my adventures with the car, or the travel or something else. Not that I have more time now, but I think that this is a great way to find a moment of tranquility and reflect on the things that happen.

Because I have been gone from the blog for so long, I will start on Aug 10, 2021. I will then go back and fill in all the gaps (at least the interesting parts).

So, here we are, Aug 10th. My wife and I are just going about our business, actually we are at Walgreens, getting something, not sure what. Right before we walk in, I am as always, on Bring-a-Trailer, looking at all the cool cars that are for sale. I stumble upon this beauty in California:

Its a 1999 BMW M Roadster, Estoril Blue with a Black and Blue Interior. Just splendid, and the bid for it at the moment is $16,450 and was placed a couple of days ago. This is crazy, yes this car has 106k miles but it is a one owner, California title car in splendid condition!

I get on Bring-a-Trailer all the time, and follow auctions, etc, but there was something about this car that was special. Maybe it was because one of my best friends Philippe, had a grey one of these.. maybe because its a tiny coupe with a inline 6, or maybe just because its a BMW. Long story short, I make an impulsive decision, something I never do, let alone an impulsive decision for $16,700. Knowing that the auction is about 30 minutes from being over, and that most of the bidding happens in the last hour, I close Bring-a-Trailer, expecting someone to outbid me and go back to whatever it is we were looking for at Walgreens.

Fast forward 30 minutes and I get a message from Bring-a-Trailer. I won the auction! I was scared and excited at the same time. I have never participated in an auction, let alone won one, which is exciting. I get a call from the seller and he says that he is actually located in San Antonio, but the car is in California (this makes it easier to register the car here in Texas). We arrange for the payment, shipping, and all the other details and I hang up. I am still in disbelief. All I can do now is wait. Here is the Bring-a-Trailer post with my winning bid:

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