Texan (Or at least a little more)

So this probably comes as a shock, so its going to be short. I got a new car, agian. No not because the other one got totaled, or broke or something, but just because I wanted a different car and I did not feel like the other fit me well.

So end of May, beginning of June, I decide that I want to get a new car, as I have been looking at others for a while without actually getting anything. So I finally make up my mind and after only having my VW for 6 months I trade it in. For what you say? This:


Yes I got a truck, and yes I am more of a texan now (not fully though, I still am missing the cowboy boots)

Overall the truck is great! I has handling similar to a car, yet is a lot taller and I feel a lot more prominent on the road. It also gives me an edge on the bumpy Houston roads, and I have slowly gotten used to not breaking to a stop for every small bump in the road.

I have already adjusted to it and I kind of like it, a lot! Ill go more in depth but as for now I have already managed to tow trailers, and haul furniture and do all kinds of things in the truck, and I love it for its versatility. I can even use it for work!


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