Long overdue post: New Car, New Beers

So this post has been way too long overdue! But now that I am sick and that FRC build season is over I actually have time to write it.

First I’m going to start by saying that I am very proud of what my FRC team, the Discobots 2587 accomplished this year. This is one of the best looking and best preforming robots we have! Now practice, practice, practice!


Oh and the wiring is pretty awesome!

Anyways… This is way too long overdue but like a month or so ago, if not before that my parents got a new car. It was actually a very spontaneous buy on one side, but a very long overdue one on another. They had a 2007 Honda Accord VP (meaning nothing was electronic) and it needed a replacement as things were starting to fall apart. `


So instead of getting another Accord, which what my dad has had ever since he moved here my mom got him to change.

My mom has always wanted an SUV, I guess she feels more comfortable and safer driving one. So my parents got… you guessed it a new CRV. When we came in we were going to just look at them and then somehow we got a really good deal and ended up buying it then and there with a 120000 mile warranty too! Crazy!

Well here is what it looks like:


I actually like it. And its very useful when you have to take really big stuff! like when I had to get the storage cabinet for the Robot in 3 Days competition.

My mom though who was the biggest proponent at first was scared to drive it as it was “too big” even though the dimensions are actually smaller in length and width than the accord…

Overall nice car. And pretty peppy for a people carrier.

Now to the beer section:

I just realized, (pretty late but better late then never right?) that whole foods has a great selection of beers that are in bottles separately (not a 6 pack)

So one day when I was there I decided to buy a bunch of different good german beers mostly Hefeweizens just because I like them. Eventually ill write about each one and which one I liked the best and such but for now just take a look at the picture of the ones that I bought:


I can not wait to try them!

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