And the GTI has given up, forever.

Sorry its been forever since my last post. Life got in the way…
As you know I had a 2010 VW GTI. Great car…. Until you have to fix it. This will first be a story of how my car died, and then ill write about how I got a new car.

So one day I was driving from robotics to my apartment and my car starts stuttering… I stop and try to restart it and now it wont start. I call AAA, but its Thursday 7pm so everything is closed except for this shop called Downtown Automotive, next to Harry’s place. Supposedly not bad…


So I get my car towed there and the next day I get a call. Oil has been leaking into the engine and the timing chain tensioner has stopped working as it is “powered” by the oil pressure, which was basically at 0 since there was no oil left…

Take a look at the official Technical Bulletin:

Ok so fine, this tensioner is broken, which is a 20 dollar plastic piece. But its located inside the engine and this… is a GTI, compact, very compact. Which means that The total cost was 400 dollars…. to replace a 20 dollar part… crap.


Well I told them to do it, so I could pick up my car Saturday. When Saturday came, they called me and said that they could not get the timing set up as it was and that it was still misfiring and that the pressure in the cylinders was not correct.

I could not drive it like this so I asked a friend to get a car dolly from U-Haul and to tow the car to the VW dealership. Here is the Dolly:


Do you see a problem yet? Neither did I. But the problem with a GTI is that its low to the ground, and the dolly is not that low/not that small of and angle for the ramps. As we tried to get the car on the dolly the front bumper would hit the dolly before the wheels would roll on. Ugh, get a truck!

Something very interesting was done now. The dolly was attached to the truck hitch, and a jack was put under where the attachment point is, in hopes that if we jack up that point the ramps become less steep and we can roll the car on. It worked, but you should have seen the truck with its butt in the air!

Ok, so as the car was now on the dolly, we were headed to Archer VW. When we got there we went to the back and started to get the car off. First we had to jack up the truck again so that the bumper would clear the dolly… but the jack was broken and didn’t stay up. They spend some more time looking for another jack. Once we find it we need something to take the car off. One of the employees says his FJ Cruiser is perfect for this. So we end up with this:


What you are seeing here is the most ghetto setup. The dolly, attached to the “tow” truck is jacked up so that the bumper clears. On the dolly is my car in neutral. In the back the car is attached with rope to the FJ cruiser, which is what is going to pull my car off of the dolly. Lets have fun:


Well I also had to sit inside and make sure that I don’t ram into the FJ Cruiser when I backed down off of the ramps. This was already way too much fun. Not. Once they get the car down and into the shop we can finally leave but before we do so…. The truck is pointed in, where there is no exit. My friend is not so good at backing up with it. We disconnect it, turn it and the truck around reconnect and leave!

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