LA Auto Show in Pictures (Day 2)

Finally I got some time to finish the story about my trip to the LA Auto Show!

Day 2 started early at 8am when I walked over to the Convention Center from the hotel.

On the way there I walked past the Nokia Theatre/ LA Live, where the premier of Mockingjay was supposed to be held that day!

2014-11-20 07.58.42

Everything was fenced off, like someone famous was going to come or something… 🙂

Anyways… back to my trip.

Breakfast was had both at the hotel (for the price of 8 dollars, huge mistake) and then at the convention center (free). While having breakfast, there were people gathering in the lobby next to the stage and turns out they were going to announce the 2014 Green Car of the Year.

So I stayed.

At about 9:05 the editor for Green Car Magazine showed up on stage and “revealed” this:


BMW i3, 2014 BMW i3. Pretty neat car! I didn’t even bother looking at it Day 1…. oh well. In any case, too many people next to it so I decided to move on. Acura unveil time!


So Acura is not one of the most… exciting automobiles, but its a pretty nice luxury car. But what Acura unveiled I thought was pretty cool. They decided that Honda, their lower class brand, was not a good enough thing for young car buyers, so they decided to unveil a luxury car for the younger driver!

I introduce you to:

The 2015 Acura ILX.

2014-11-20 09.49.412014-11-20 09.49.54

The new generation of the Acura sedan. Its smaller, sportier, and still just as luxurious as the other Acura cars. I kind of actually like it…. But its an Acura, so lets move on.


Yes, yes, a fiat. what new can they make? well not much right? yea, thats what it actually was, not much. It was a bigger version, a sort of wanna be SUV.

But you know, the reason I’m adding FIAT is their presentation of this car. Take a look at the video I shot as well as the commercial that they have for this car. The announcer/guy that talks is pretty funny too.

Oh and this commercial, man this commercial:


Alright that was fun. Now quickly to NISSAN, not to see the unveil, cause its that ugly juke thing. But to see this:

2014-11-20 10.32.01

Yes this is a GTR and yes its awesome, and yes in the picture below are my hands on the steering wheel. (It is kind of hard to see, sorry)2014-11-20 10.33.48

But ya not anything besides this in the NISSAN section worth talking about.


Lets move on to the next exhibit on schedule witch is the Galpin Motorsports/Henrik Fisker, but on the way there (in the same hall) I saw something I could not pass by:

2014-11-20 08.10.54

That is a purple Aston.

2014-11-20 08.11.09

And that is a white Aston. But they were behind a fence (and really expensive), so that’s as close as I could get. 😦

To the true “show” in the Fisker/Galpin section:

This was fun, well one cause Henrik Fisker did the presentation of this:

First, I have to add: “Hot girl, nice car! I AM in heaven!” (reference to last post). But ya nice car, 725hp all aluminum construction, light powerful, what else do you need from a drag muscle car? But I paid more attention to that girl on the left… Damn!

Sorry here is something about the car/me. You can see me on the official Galpin Motors video for the Rocket!

Watch it at 30 seconds and you can see me talking to Henrik Fisker! The designer of things like:


Is that beautiful or beautiful?


Lets move on. The last show thing was the Mitsubishi, and it was right before/during lunch. So I told myself: “Why not?”

Here is what they unveiled. Its a prototype of an upcoming model, which is a very cool looking small SUV, similar to their Outlander but much more futuristic.


Last thing on my list. Well I’m gonna group these together was to see the Alfa, Cadillac and some other cool cars that were scattered in the halls. Take a look at all that I found:

2014-11-20 12.44.25

2014-11-20 08.37.23

2015 Cadillac ATS-V. Small. Powerful. Good Looking. What else do you need? or the question is probably “…don’t you need”. The answer: “such a high price tag”. Granted this is one awesome car, but for the price it goes for…. Sorry.


Ok, I promise this is the last one. But as I was writing I came across these pictures and I could not leave them with “Others”. One of my favorite cars of all time?

2014-11-20 08.36.45

2014-11-20 08.36.19

Yup this is it! the AUDI S7. Sleek, powerful, convenient, gorgeous, gorgeous and…. gorgeous. I’m not going to tell you any specs or anything else just look at the photos and enjoy this amazing car!

How do you leave and go to the Rail to head back to Houston after this?

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