MSI GS60 Ghost: Great performace, great quality

I have not written much about tech and so there is one thing I got a while ago thats worth talking about.

This is my laptop: the MSI GS60 Ghost:


First of all the specs:

4th Gen i7 – 4710HQ

DDR3, 1600Mhz, 16Gb



256Gb SuperRAID and 1Tb HDD

Killer LAN


So as you can probably tell from the specs its a pretty hefty (as far as specs) computer, but there are some very awesome characteristics.

This laptop with a 15.4 inch display is as thin as a MacBook Air. AIR! so its pretty light and thin. With this thinness comes a big bevel around the screen though. Its manageable, the thinness is worth it!

Let me go back a little, why did I get such a monster laptop? Well I needed a computer to run CAD and FEM, so I needed something powerful and yet still compact so that I can use it as my main computer and carry it around. This was it.

A year later:

So laptop still works pretty awesome! But there are some issues (probably due to the fact that it has Win 8… I don’t like Win 8…) Overall the speed has not decreased dramatically, basically unnoticeable actually.

Good laptop, good quality! Great video card for CAD/FEM or plugging in a TV/Projector and watching HD video (or both).

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