Train, Plane and Automobile (and some beer after)

You know after such a long day of driving, working (on a Saturday), and then flying and driving again, I needed a beer. So here is a quick one on what I had to relax tonight.

Samuel Adams isn’t very popular in Texas, I don’t know why, but this is what our friends got and what was available to drink. I consider Sam as a St. Arnolds of America. Its relatively cheap, its pretty good quality beer and its a very varied species, if you can call it that.

2014-11-23 00.34.45

This Sam Adams, the Whitewater IPA is part of the hopology series/mix/edition of Sam Adams. At first when I picked up the bottle I thought it was a Hefe and got really excited, but it wasn’t it was just a murky IPA. The beer itself was actually pretty good though, it had some commonalities in taste with a hefe, considering its flowery hits as well as a very unique sweetness that a hefe has. It was bitter, but not too bitter like some “bad” beers are, this was a very controlled bitterness that was actually kind of pleasant and brought out the flavors of the beer, really reminded me of the Rodeo Clown, but a lot better.

Overall very decent beer, hoppy, slightly bitter at first, murky (good), and flavorful. I was really debating on having 2 but its time to go to bed.

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