Spontaneous 2 day trip

There are a lot of stories that I will be writing about things that have happened but first I can not wait to share something that I did just 2 days ago, out of the blue.

2014-11-19 11.02.30

It all started Monday, Nov. 17th when I found out that the LA Auto Show is this week. I started looking at their website and trying to find a way to go, but public days are Friday to Tuesday and I’m leaving for Miami with my parents Saturday… So what do I do? Well the Press and Trade days are Wednesday and Thursday… And that’s when all of the car reveals are… That seems like an awesome time to go!

I’m not press though. Luckily there was an option during registration to register as “tech industry”. whatever that means. So I did, and waited. And after emailing them Tuesday I got a response! I was confirmed for the Press and Trade days! Awesome! Well besides the fact that I need a hotel, a ticket, and to get off of work…

To my happiness/sadness the testing that I was supposed to do got postponed to Saturday so I had the week “off”. One down. Two to go. Plane tickets are expensive, especially for 2 days. I looked and found the cheapest nonstop to be 1100 there and back. Ya no, not doing that. So I found a ticket for miles! Leaving Houston at 720am on Wednesday and coming back at 7pm on Thursday.

I spent a long time debating whether I should go or not and whether it was worth it or not. So around 11pm-12am on Tuesday I bought a ticket to LA for Wednesday at 7am (I’m crazy I think). Back on Thursday, so not much time, but enough to get to see almost all (except for 2) unveiling and to have time to walk around the show.

Long story short, I get up and go and get to the show about 11-1130, right when the Ford unveiling begins. Not my favorite brand but you know the mustang and all.  Here is what I arrived to:

2014-11-19 11.10.39

Party was in full swing! Time to get to “work” and look at all the unveilings! (another post with a bunch of awesome cars to come!)

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