My GTI – Ordering and Recieval

My first Car post should be about my car right?

Well its gonna be an introduction to my car. There are a lot of interesting stories that have happened with my car over the last 5 years of ownership.

I got the car in November 2009 (2010 model year) so its actually her 5 year Birthday this month! I had been saving up for a while, working as a lifeguard at Rice and tutoring on the side, when I decided to get it. I wanted a red GTI, but there was a problem…

None of the dealerships IN THE US had any manual GTIs in stock… Any! So I had to make a very hard choice: The dealer said that they have a manual basic trim United Gray Metallic GTI coming in on a ship from Germany in the next 2 weeks. Do I take it? or do I order a Red one and wait for 2 months?

2014-11-21 14.34.54

As you probably guessed I took it! Waiting for 2 more months? I couldn’t take that! So this GTI was reserved for me! Now as a true enthusiast I got a manual, but haven’t driven manual since Russia…. like 3 years ago… and that was with my grandpa, not on roads…


Eh, I thought, ill be fine! And of course when the car came to the dealership brand spankin new, I wanted to drive it right away. I remember my dad asking me: “You sure you want to drive it home, I can take it there and you can practice and then take it out?”. Being myself I said no no I’m fine I got this!

Well guess what? The first thing I do when I get in – is stall! Oops. I think the sales guy was like: “Noob!”

Anyways I got home that night (even got on the highway. kind of scary for first time after stalling) and my clutch-ruining experience began! (Clutch ruining only for a bit, after about a month I was fine)

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