Hefeweizen from Bar Munich

As a first beer I’d like to write about the Hofbrau Hefeweizen, which is best from Bar Munich in Midtown.

Bar Munich has an awesome deal on Monday of $10 half liter and a bratwurst, which I found out about (I don’t remember how, maybe some of you can help me). But in any way I found out when my friends and I first went we loved it. For the beer and the brat and everything all of it tasted delicious so we decided to make it our Monday night thing….

Anyways I should be talking about the beer!

I’m gonna start with some of the basics here and list the beer types available:


Beers are delineated into Lagers and Ales. The hefe is a German Ale, and a wheat beer. It is typically made 50:50 wheat, and is common in the south of Germany. Special yeast hence the prefix “hefe” gives the beer special flavors and also gives it the cloudy unfiltered look. This is one of my favorite types of beer so you will probably see a lot of Hefe’s to come!

Enjoy this hefe:


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