Hey Everyone! First post hmmm….. what should I write….

Well ill start by explaining a little about myself in the context of the blog:

1. I love cars

2. I love new cool tech

3. I love beer (good real beer)

I currently own a 2010 VW GTI which is a very fun to drive car. Speaking of that… manual is the way to go, no flappy paddles!

2014-11-21 14.34.54

I also have a OnePlus Tech, which is a pretty cool phone! Nice big screen and relatively fast (and cheap!!!)


Now to the beer! Man beer is good! haha, but on a serious note there are many great beers out there. On tap beer is always better so in Houston im gonna say my favourite is the Hefe at Bar Munich. Great place, great beer!


I already have so many great ideas for posts and so many stories! Stay tuned for more!

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